I think I broke my “refresh” button…

On Monday morning I received an email from my fellowship office:


“End of this week”!?!?!  Do you know how many times I can hit the refresh button on my email over the course of five days?  A lot.  That letter has some important stuff in it, like my salary offer and our travel/moving orders.  I need that letter so that I can start planning.  I NEED TO PLAN!

Here I am, on Thursday at the close of business, and still no sign of the magical offer letter.  Which means tomorrow, the end of the work week, will be the worst.  Because I am the worst at waiting for something to arrive.  

The UPS tracking number?  Invented for consumers like me.  I need to know the timeline of arrival, so I don’t spend a whole week excitedly running to an empty mailbox.  If the Christmas eve Santa tracker had been around when I was a kid, I would most certainly slept easier and had a much cheerier Christmas morning.  I spent the whole night straining to hear the sound of that old man moving about the house.  It was exhausting. 

I mean really, how do people who don’t already have a confirmed slot get through this waiting period?  When people enter the Foreign Service through the traditional route (not through a fellowship, like me), they get put on a waiting list.  Your position on the list is determined by your score on the entrance exam, and changes each time someone else takes the test.  There’s no official count of how many people from the list will get a seat in the next training class, nor are there a set number of training classes per year.  I would probably go insane. 

The point of my rant is this: Please, HR, next time just send a letter that says “you should have received an offer letter by now…” so that people like me don’t go crazy.



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