Our old stomping ground

Well, Friday came and went, and no magical offer letter ever appeared in my inbox.  Maybe Monday?  Luckily, I had plenty of activities to keep my mind busy this weekend.

On Saturday, I went to a dear friend’s bridal shower.  I carpooled with another friend who recently got engaged.  Both of the soon to be brides and soon to be grooms are so special to us, and we are so excited that we get to share in this exciting time in their lives!

On Sunday, we met my dad and sisters at one of the nearby state parks for an afternoon of hiking and picnic-ing.  We would often visit this park as kids, frequently when Mom was out of town or busy and Dad had to entertain us on a Saturday afternoon.  We have some excellent home video footage of our escapades, and the memories are really special to all of us.


The River

I took Cormac to the park when we first started dating, but it had been several years since we had been back.  My sisters hadn’t been back since they were little.  It was really funny to hear how their memories of the landscape compared to its present state.

We hiked along the river until we got to the famed “rock with the tree” that my brother used to climb when we were little.  None of us girls were big enough to climb it back then.  My sisters were quite proud of themselves for finally conquering the rock!


Climbing the rock, just to prove it could be done.

We ate lunch at the rock, and spotted a snake swimming down the river with something in its mouth.  Closer inspection revealed that the snake had caught itself a baby catfish!  We checked in on him periodically while we ate, and watched him swallow the fish, tail first, before spitting it out  to eat it face first!  Cormac was able to capture some of the action on film.


Snake heading to his hide out to eat


The snake and his meal, a baby catfish


Swallowed whole! Snake head with fish in his mouth

Dad found an abandoned fishing rod off the side of the trail.  Cormac then found an abandoned lure.  So of course we had to stop and do a bit of fishing on the way back to the cars.


Casting a line, careful not to snag any rocks

The weather was perfect which made hiking an absolutely perfect way to spend the afternoon.  We made some precious new memories and came back recharged for another week of school work.


Wild flowers are in full bloom in the park


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