Please, God, just let there be a dishwasher…

We received our housing reservation for A-100 (orientation for the Foreign Service), and found out that the two of us, and a miniature poodle, will be sharing a studio apartment.  Now, I won’t complain too much, because our living space covered by per diem and I didn’t have to do anything to secure our spot other than send an email to request a reservation, but this is kind of a bummer.  

Cormac and I have been living in a two bedroom duplex for the past nine months.  There are only two of us.  So that means we have our bedroom, and the spare room has been our storage space and my craft room.  I have a whole room to spread out my projects, and don’t have to put them away or tidy up between working sessions.  It’s been beautiful.  I am working on two quilts and have about a dozen pairs of pants I need to alter before we pack up.  I am going to mourn the loss of my craft room!  

However, there is a good chance that our kitchen situation is about to vastly improve.   We can’t open our oven door all the way, because the “new” cabinets interfere. It’s a bit of a thrill reaching in to a half-opened, very hot oven to retrieve a heavy dish of whatever I’ve concocted for dinner.  We have about 2 square feet of counter space, most of which is covered with dirty dishes after we eat one meal.  We hand wash all of our dishes, because this lovely duplex was built in the pre-dishwasher era. 

So I’ve made a bit of a compromise with myself: I’ll be okay forfeiting my crafting space, but please, God, let there be a dishwasher! 


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