Already homesick, and we haven’t left NC

Cormac and I have been traveling the globe together, and apart, for the past six years.  He went to Sweden, and then I went to Brazil and Guatemala. He went to Sweden, while I went to Spain.  We met up in Italy for spring break.  We came home for alittle while.  Then he went to Finland, and back to Sweden for his first year of graduate school.  We met in Ireland for spring break.  Then I went to Vietnam, and he came for summer break.  And in between our travels, we always came back to North Carolina.

We always knew that at the end of our four to six month journey, we’d touch down in the land of the pines.  Our family homes, and all of our stuff, would be just as we left them (mostly).  Our friends would still be here, maybe in a new city, but still in the same state.

As we prepare for the next step in life, our move to DC and beyond, I am already starting to miss the security of knowing that not much changes in four to six months.  In a year, or two, or three, a lot can change.  Many of our friends will get married, find new jobs, and move away from their childhood homes, too.  All of our stuff will no longer be waiting at our parents’ homes (it will be sitting in storage somewhere).

When I think about these changes, I get anxious, and sad that another stage of our lives is coming to an end.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for new things and places and people in our lives.  And I know that we will always always always have houses to come home to, because we are lucky to have an amazing and supportive family.  And so as we wait for the movers to arrive tomorrow morning, I can’t help but already feeling a little bit homesick.


Graduating with my Masters in Public Policy on Saturday



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