All [our] bags are packed, [we’re] ready to go

We’ll be heading out around 9:30 in hopes of checking in to our new apartment around 3:00.  Cormac’s car is loaded down with our most prized possessions, and all the other odds and ends we kept finding over the past four days. It’s amazing how many little bits and pieces were left in the house the movers emptied.


The wheel well on our poor car

We spent the last part of our week in NC running errands and saying good bye to our friends and family.  It wasn’t too hard saying goodbye this time, since we’ll be seeing quite a few of them at a wedding in two weeks!  Great timing on the part of the bride and groom.  It’s almost like they knew I would need an excuse to come back.  And it certainly made leaving a little easier.

Yesterday, I got a nice departing gift from NC– a tick bite.  First one of the season, and probably the last.  I have a nice itchy whelp right below my butt cheek.  It’s like nature was saying, “So long!  Here’s a little something to remember the pines.  Remember not to scratch in public!”

When we get up to DC, the previous A100 class is hosting a welcome reception.  Then it’s early to bed for my first morning of work!  Cormac’s going to be working away on his thesis these coming weeks, but also has several orientation and training sessions to attend.  It’s going to be a busy and exciting week!


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