The first week

Well, we made it up to DC in one piece.  Amazingly, so did the car! We were able to check in a little bit early and were settled in (mostly) by 5:00 on Sunday.  Then we headed out to a welcome reception for some light snacks and socializing.  The reception was a little overwhelming– a lot of loud talking in a small space, but everyone was really nice and welcoming.

I left for work at 7:15 on Monday morning and proceeded to sit through an entire morning of paperwork, powerpoints about paperwork, and meetings with HR to talk about paperwork.  I forgot to eat any breakfast, and it’s allergy season up here, so I developed quite the headache by lunchtime.  Luckily, we have a pretty small A100 class, so almost everything on the schedule ends early.  We were done with our required stuff by 3:30, but I had to hang around for a State Department Fellows meeting.  So I didn’t make it home until after 5:00.  That’s a pretty long day, considering my last semester I only had class once a week from 10:00-5:30! 

Tuesday was when the fun really started.  We received more briefings, but were also able to get up and socialize with our classmates a lot more.  There was even an outdated “Laptop Safety” video from the early ’90s!

I’m sure the rest of the week will be much of the same, introductions and safety briefings.  However, we do get our bid list today!  And Cormac has his first orientation day this week.

We also found out that we’re moving! Again!  This time a little bit closer to the city, and into a one bedroom instead of a studio.  When I first emailed about housing, I was told that there was absolutely no availability until October in our new complex.  On the first day, an agent from the housing office came to talk about how to sign up for housing (a little late for that…).  I ran into her in the hall and asked her about transferring buildings.  She said yes without hesitation and gave me her card.  I sent her an email that night, and had our new reservation before lunch the next day!  As I sit here in the dark, five feet away from sleeping handsome, I’m quite excited to have a separate living space to get ready in each morning.  

Cormac is going a little bit stir crazy in our apartment.  Yesterday he admitted to “saving the laundry” to have something to do this afternoon.  Hopefully the new location will offer more opportunities to get out of the house when he needs to take a break from writing his thesis!  He is also working on our patio garden.  He’s got a tomato plant, two peppers, and two herbs so far.  I’m sure there will be a few more additions to the garden in the near future.

I’ve got to run for day three of work.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for a bid list full of fun and interesting places! 


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