Our Urban Garden

One of the things Cormac really wanted to try out while we’re in DC is urban gardening.  Luckily, we have a pretty good sized balcony in our new place, and plenty of sun, so he was able to give it a go!  We have officially moved in to our permanent DC training residence, so we made a trip to Target this morning to gather our garden supplies.  


Readying the planters

We had a little bit of soil left from our first planting earlier in the week, so Cormac mixed that in with the new stuff we purchased.  We ended up with three more window boxes and decided to plant some bush beans and a couple types of lettuces.  


We only planted lettuce in one box, since we wanted a staggered harvest.  In another week or two, we’ll plant our second patch, and then a little after that our third.  We will probably pick up another variety of tomato and maybe a flower or two.  


Looking a little bleak right now


Inch by inch, row by row, someone bless these seeds I sew

We’re both pretty tired today, and apart from our gardening, plan to spend the day relaxing.  This morning we woke up to FULL sunlight in our room around 6:30.  I’ll probably indulge in an afternoon nap while Cormac watches the Champions League Finale.  We can do that, now that we have a real bedroom and separate living room! 


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