Staying busy, or so it seems

We feel like we have been really busy, but I can’t quite recall with what.  We spent the holiday weekend shopping for patio furniture, which we didn’t purchase, and spending time with family and friends in the DC area.  On Saturday, we met up with friends for our first great DC brunch!


Brunching may be my new favorite hobby.

There was a pretty intense bout of bad mitten on Memorial Day, followed by a grill out and hours of chit chat.  It’s really nice to have family so close by, and we hope to see quite a bit of them while we’re in training!


The Rolling Thunder bikers arriving for Memorial Day festivities

Today was another exhausting day of briefings and career guidance.  I am thoroughly convinced that I have joined a great organization, now I just need to convince everyone else that I’m convinced.  That would save about five minutes of each briefing we receive!  We’ve been trying to sort through all of the advice we have been given in week one and put together a cohesive bidding strategy.  Our bid list is comprised of over 40 countries, and we’re supposed to put a high, medium, or low preference ranking to each post.  There is supposed to be an obvious rhyme or reason to why you place the magic H, M, or L next to each place.  It’s just hard to figure out what that is. 

Right now we’re focusing on whether or not there are opportunities for Cormac to work or volunteer with local environmental groups at each post, whether or not the post is in a region we want to serve, and whether or not the job is in my “cone”.  There are five cones: consular, management, public diplomacy, political, and economics.  I’m Econ coned, which I was informed was the most important and exciting in an hour long briefing from the Economics Bureau.  

I have to turn in our bid strategy tomorrow, and then meet with my career development officer later in the week to talk about what we put down on the form.  Our completely ranked bid list is due next week!  

A100 seems to be flying by… but only after 5:00 rolls around.  


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