Finally exploring our neighborhood

We finally explored the place we currently call home.  Cormac had done a little bit of wandering while I was at work these past two weeks, but was constrained to the travel radius of our aging pup, Addie.

On Saturday, a member of my A100 class organized a trip to the Capital Area Food Bank.  Cormac and I volunteered to go and had a surprisingly fun afternoon sorting food for delivery and making boxes of hygiene products for local shelters.  I think we both came out of it with greater knowledge of which foods and hygiene products are useful for shelters, and what you should just throw away… like your old shaving kit or exploded bottles of Ax body spray.

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch with the other volunteers at the Brookland Cafe.  There was a great mix of vegan and meat dished on the menu so everyone was able to eat a real meal.  Cormac tried the faux-bbq sandwich and thought it was pretty tasty! (upon reading this he informed me that it had a strange texture…)

When I took Addie (the dog) out for her morning walk on Sunday, we discovered a huge bike race going on right outside our building.  We were able to watch the race from our balcony while we ate breakfast, and then felt inspired to ride our own bikes.


Best seat in the house

We rode from our apartment, down the Mt. Vernon Trail, to Old Town Alexandria.  Cormac did little bit of work on his thesis at a coffee shop and then we rode home for lunch. We are really excited to ride on more of the bike trails in the DC area, and hope to ride all the way down to Mt. Vernon for a tour one weekend.


The trail hugs the highway, then veers off into large areas of greenspace


Taking a break to hydrate


Another hydration break

The bike races were still going when we got home, but had turned into a shorter 2km circuit race.  It was really fun to watch as the bikers sped around pretty sharp, and unevenly paved, turns.


Exactly what we looked like on our leisurely ride

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow I’ll start the FOURTH week of A100!  Less than two weeks until Flag Day!


2 thoughts on “Finally exploring our neighborhood

  1. We biked the Mt. Vernon trail last summer – incredibly lovely! Would have been smart to bring an extra set of “dry” shirts for when we wanted to go in and tour – felt and looked pretty ‘athletic’ once we got there. Also, watch the steep hills, some of which have sharp corners that you might have to share with oncoming traffic if you are unlucky. That said, bring a few bandaids, too! Even with a minor bloodletting and sweaty clothes – we had a great time and are so glad we did it while in town!

    • Thanks for the pointers! Now that summer has finally arrived in DC, we’re finding that the spare shirt is an absolute must if we plan to do anything besides ride around town.

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