Happy One Month A100versary!

It’s been one month since I started A100, and I’ve got only six days of training left before they push me out of the nest.  Tomorrow is flag day!!  Which means that by this time tomorrow, we will know exactly where and when we are going after orientation ends.

It’s hard to believe I have one month of classes under my belt.  At times, sessions dragged on and on and it seemed that the end would never appear.  Now that we’re almost done with week five of six, I’m trying to figure out where all that time went.

This week has been very busy.  I’m pretty sure that the A100 staff knows that with flag day ahead of us, we’re unlikely to be able to focus on much else.  They’ve kept us really busy, and therefore distracted.   We’ve had to deliver speeches and practice fielding questions from “hostile” audiences.  The audiences were made up of our peers, so it was kind of hard to picture them as truly hostile.  A few times I even had to suppress a giggle fit!

Our families are coming up for the big day, and we are really excited to see them and have them with us during this exciting time!  Cormac and I feel really lucky that there aren’t any posts on our bid list that would absolutely break our hearts to get assigned to. That makes flag day much less stressful, and let’s us fully embrace the chaos!  I’ll do a flag day follow up post to let you know how it goes.


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