Garden Update

My first week of post-A100 training has been a little bit slow and kind of a repeat of the things I already learned about overseas management during A100.  I have picked up a few new pieces of information, and have had ample time to day dream about our new life on a tropical island! 

There’s not a whole lot going on with us right now.  Cormac is working long hours to get his thesis wrapped up, and I’m still scouring the internets for any and all information on Malabo, preferably anything written after 1990.  Rather than bore you with an update of what we ate for dinner, I figure I’d use this downtime to update you on our little garden!  Here’s some cool pictures Cormac snapped of our balcony plants:


Heinz roma tomatoes… not the most flavorful variety


First purple bush bean


A little color in the sea of cement


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