We’re bringing our “A” game

I went to Target after work to pick up a few things (I know, I know, it’s impossible to leave Target with just a few things).  I stopped by the lawn and garden section, looking for some clearance priced vegetable seeds, and wandered into a smorgasbord of lawn games instead!  Anyone who knows our families well knows that lawn games are pretty serious.  More than one back has been blown out in a fierce badminton tournament.

Almost exactly what it looks like when I play, only with brown hair

I picked up one of the games, took it over to the magical price scanner, and found out that it was on sale for 50% off!  I thought, for that price, I’ll get another game, too.  And magically, that one was 50% off as well!  It’s like I died and went to lawn game heaven.  Before I knew it, there was a badminton/volleyball set, a ladder golf set, a bocce ball set, and a giant frisbee in my cart.  Malabo had better watch out, we’re bringing our lawn game “A” game!

The only thing that could potentially be worse for post moral is if we were to get our hands on a Nintendo 64:


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