Two Years of Food

We have started the daunting task of figuring out what we want to put in our consumables shipment.  The government will ship up to 2500 pounds of consumable items to our post for us, but we have to buy it all and stockpile it until our moving day.  Food is apparently more expensive in Malabo than it is in most European cities, so the opportunity to bring some food with us is great!  

So how does one go about buying two years of groceries?  Well, that is what we’re trying to figure out.  We’ve started putting “opened on XX/XX/XX” stickers on our food to figure out how often we are replenishing our stock of coffee, cereal, and other frequently eaten stuff.  It looks like crazy people live here, or maybe just really horrible roommates.  

Wouldn’t take those if you paid me

I spent several hours on Friday searching Harris Teeter’s website and making a list of all the food stuffs I think we may want.  We can’t take perishable foods with us (probably won’t survive the three months at sea…), so the list is mostly baking supplies and spices.  Now that we have a list, which grows almost every time I walk into the kitchen, we can start stockpiling items when they go on sale.  I may even go into crazy coupon lady mode!

Coupons really are that exciting

As we build our inventory, we will be repackaging some items into vacuum bags to protect against bugs, humidity, and time.  I was researching how to keep food fresh for two years and kept ending up on zombie apocalypse survival guide websites.  Glad to know we’re in such good company.  

Another item for the list, Twinkies! Err, maybe not.

The good news is, we can actually break our shipment up into two loads, one when we leave, and one within a year of our arrival.  So we’ll be doing shopping for about nine months of food, and then plan a shopping trip for our first Rest & Relaxation break.  Whew! I’m already excited for it. 


One thought on “Two Years of Food

  1. Once you are at post for awhile, I would also suggest looking into ELSO for the second half of your shipment. I can email you the contact info, but basically you can buy food in case-lots and have it shipped right to your post. I did this for my in-country consumables and it was amazing how easy and quickly everything arrived. (Not three months!!)

    Plus, that means R&R can be spent R-ing & R-ing, rather than in supermarkets!

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