Another marriage milestone

Tonight we did something we hoped we wouldn’t have to do until years into our marriage.  We bought a new (to us) car.  And we were actually pretty good at it!  It was Cormac’s first time buying a car, and my fourth or fifth time (including my role as purchasing agent for my mother).  Thankfully, I took a negotiation metohds class last week so I was fresh on my bartering basics.  

We decided to finally go look at a car that we had been stalking online for a week or so.  It had been a little over priced, until Tuesday, when they finally dropped the price.  So we hopped in the car, agreed upon our final price point, and hoped for the best.  

Negotiating as a couple was actually way easier than flying solo since we both knew what our magic number was ahead of time.  When the sales agent gave us his price, we countered with our set number.  He gawked at our offer, but when we told him we had to sleep on whether or not we could go over our budget, he magically found a way to make our price work.  It only took him twenty minutes, several trips to a back room, and consuming half of a bag of jelly beans to get his boss to approve.  

And so we are now the proud owners of the unofficial car of the Foreign Service: a RAV4!



And it's sporty, too


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