Farewell, Round 2

We spent a second weekend saying a round of good-byes to Cormac’s side of the family.  We were lucky enough to have all the siblings in town for our send off!  We had a very busy few days featuring a family dinner at our stand-by celebration restaurant, opened presents that were brought back from Ireland, and had a big family supper complete with Irish trifle before we headed back to DC.

On our first afternoon, there was absolutely gorgeous weather.  Fall has already hit the foothills of North Carolina.  We decided to take a trip out to a much loved state park for a short hike and take advantage of the beautiful afternoon.


The leaves are already changing!


A rare sighting: American Chestnut


The keepers of the knob


One happy cow-dog


The brave adventurers

One of the best surprises of the weekend was our “Happy Box” that our friends and family secretly compiled to keep us company when we’re abroad!  Thank you so so so so so much to everyone who sent something in (or thought about sending something in) to remind of us home.


Pieces of home

We haven’t had time to go through everything in our magical orange box.  We’ve made it through most of the pictures, but are saving the letters to open on days when we need some support.  Some of the pictures, particularly those submitted from the Cahersiveen crowd of the budding models, really made us laugh… and also wonder what in the world was going on that day on the farm!  I look forward to hearing that story one day.

We were also given a bag of home grown goodies!  Some of my favorite items were the Moravian cookies, Carolina clay dyed apparel, and enough Reeses to get through our flight to Malabo!

We already have more pieces of “happy” than will fit in our box!  While we’re both excited for our move, we know that some days it will be really hard to be so far from home.  I know that our box will surely make it easier to feel connected to home, and if nothing else, make us smile for a little while!  Thanks again to everyone who submitted something!! 


One thought on “Farewell, Round 2

  1. I’m so glad you like it!!! MaireAine finally realized at dinner tonight that shes not going to see you for a while. There were tears. But then they got out their horses and felt close to you again! Its like their own version of the happy box

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