Pack Out like Pros

We had our second pack out on Tuesday, and this time we were ready.  We spent the weekend preparing for battle: grouping items into logical piles, creating index cards of inventories, sorting piles into groups of various shipments.  And when the movers showed up, all of our work was appreciated. 

The first step of our pack out day was to get our Unattended Air Baggage (UAB) shipment packed up and weighed.  We are allowed to send 450 pounds of stuff by air, so it gets there in a couple of weeks.  You want to pack essentials like coffee, spices, clothes, shoes, and things your household can’t function without.  We had a pile we estimated to be about 450lbs, with a subset of items that we could pull out of we were over 450, and another pile of stuff to add if we were under 450.  Turns out we were under, and added our whole “just in case” pile and then some.  


The things that make us feel at home

The next shipment we had them pack was our standard HouseHold Effects (HHE), which goes by ocean freight.  We had a TON (literally, about 2000 lbs) of stuff to send in this shipment.  We had been stockpiling food for our consumables shipment for almost two months.  We ended up sending all of those items in our HHE, so that if we need to buy more food when we get to Malabo, we’ll still have money left on our travel orders to do so.  


Thank God for covered patios


Our stash of goodies

I had placed most of our food stuff into plastic totes, and Cormac prepared inventory cards for each tote.  This worked really well.  The movers opened each box, wrapped any glass items, then wrapped the tote in brown paper.  They copied over the information from the index card onto the wrapping paper, so we will know exactly what’s inside when it arrives in Malabo.  Plus, there is now multilevel barrier between our food and the ocean liner vermin: the metal container, wooden pallet box, brown paper, plastic tote, and food packaging.  I’m sure a few crafty mice will find their way through, but hopefully not into every box!

The wall of stuff, packed and ready to ship!

Our last shipment was stuff to place into permanent storage.  Sadly, we had to leave our bikes behind because of safety concerns in Malabo.  We also sent most of our 110v appliances to storage so they wouldn’t get fried by power surges and malfunctioning transformers. We purchased a few 220v appliances (TV, food processor, blow dryer) to send in our HHE, since we figured we’d be using them for at least the next 2-4 years.  Hopefully a 220v sewing machine is in my future.  

We feel so much better about this pack out than our first!  I guess we knew the ropes a little better this time around.  I’ve already started tracking our shipments.  Our UAB should arrive a week after we do, and our HHE will hopefully complete its journey by Christmas!  


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