Are we there yet?

We finally arrived in Malabo, 25 hours after leaving DC.  Our last day in the U.S. was spent running small errands like going to the post office, getting hair cuts, and cleaning out our refrigerator. We left our house around 2:00pm to catch our flight.  We arrived at the flight gate with enough time to download movies to our tablets, then hopped on the plane!


On our way!

The first leg of the journey was a seven hour flight to Paris.  We landed at 12:00am DC time, so we were ready for bed.  Unfortunately, it was 5:00am local time so we stayed awake to begin adjusting to the new time zone.  We spent our six hour layover in a business lounge which was an excellent decision.  There was a small breakfast bar, free wifi, and comfortable chairs to catch a quick nap.  I think I ate a dozen chocolate filled croissants.

The second leg of our journey included another seven hour flight to Doula, Cameroon, a one hour stop over, and then a 30 minute flight to Malabo.  The second flight dragged on FOREVER.  We had the loudest talker sitting behind us, and she talked through the entire flight. Luckily, she got off in Doula so our stop over on the plane was nice and quiet.  The plane didn’t take on any passengers in Doula, and you weren’t allowed off the plane if you were continuing on to Malabo.  There were maybe 50 people left on a plane with close to 300 seats!


Mount Cameroon peaking through the clouds


Doula from the air

Flying into Malabo was beautiful and terrifying.  As soon as we saw the ground, I turned to Cormac and said, “Are we totally crazy to move to a place for 2 years that we know almost nothing about?”  He replied “Maybe, but it’s too late to turn back now!”

As we were walking off the plane, my stomach turned inside out.  We found our greeters from the embassy and were quickly whisked through customs and back to the embassy compound.  When we pulled into the compound, I finally felt my stomach un-clench and my lungs fill with air.


Raining on Mount Cameroon, below the clouds


First sunset in Malabo!


Touch down in Malabo

When we walked into our new house, it felt like we walked onto the set of an HGTV show.  Our house is BEAUTIFUL.  Tons of wood, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, large open concept. We knew the house would be nice since it’s brand new construction, but we had prepared ourselves for nice and boring.  This house has tons of character!

We had enough time to unpack and eat dinner before our adrenaline high wore off.  We went to bed excited and hopeful for a great tour!


One thought on “Are we there yet?

  1. Yea! A nice place to live can make a huge difference–and encourage guests! 😉
    Looking forward more about Malabo, and your first days of work. You are going to do great! I’m excited to hear about all that biodiversity and whatever else Cormac finds as well. Love you both.

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