The first week in Malabo

Sometimes it feels like we have been here a month, sometimes like it’s been just a few hours.  Due to the end of the fiscal year, a less than ideally timed embassy auction, and the chaos in Washington, I have worked really long hours this first week.  Thankfully, everything is still new and exciting, so I keep waking up energized.  I have a feeling that if this week were to happen one year into our tour, I would have a little harder time rallying!

Cormac has been keeping busy with unpacking, dealing with the construction crews who are still working through a punch list at our house, and looking into online classes and work opportunities.  Most of the people we have met this first week seem optimistic that he should be able to find something to keep him busy, and very likely in his field.  Today he signed up for a Coursera class on guitars that he’s looking forward to starting in a couple of weeks.  He’s also working on a really cool time lapse photography project that I can’t wait to share with everyone when it’s complete!

We have settled in pretty nicely to our home.  Our air shipment arrived on Wednesday, which has greatly improved our home life.  We have spices to cook with, board games to entertain ourselves, and enough clothes and shoes to make it a week without doing laundry.  Life is good!  The rest of our household items should arrive by Christmas, but our car has yet to depart the States.

The biggest challenge we face right now is getting to the grocery store because our house is several miles outside of town. We were rationing our food for the first few days, until a coworker came to the rescue and offered to take us shopping.  We’re at the mercy of our friendly  neighbors for transportation, which is a bit frustrating.  Normally, we could pay an embassy driver to take us around after work to do our shopping, but with the shutdown, the drivers aren’t allowed to work overtime.  So we’re a little bit isolated, but that will hopefully will change soon!


One thought on “The first week in Malabo

  1. Thank you for subscribing to my blog, I can not believe you’re in Malabo, hope you’re well and you’re adapting to the place little by little. Yo, I’ve been here five months and cost me adjust really but, I’m better. If you need any advice do not hesitate to ask. Enjoy your stay on the island and take it slow. good luck

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