Ramblings of a Trophy Husband

We attended our first representational event just days after touching down. It was really nice, and we met a ton of good contacts from other embassies, the private sector and NGO’s. We met a man who runs the Malabo Spouses Group, who was very nice but insisted on being called a ‘housewife’. Personally, I prefer ‘trophy husband’, it suits my personality better; spending all day in leisurely pursuits.

Representing the USA

On our way to represent the USA

One of these pursuits is creating a post video. This is an internal (to the State Department) advertisement of posts, to inform prospective officers what life is like at the embassy/consulate. I thought it would be really cool if the Malabo post video opened with some time-lapse photography of Pico Basile, which you can see* from pretty much anywhere in Malabo. Capturing this video has been my recent leisurely pursuit, and I quite like it. Below are some of  the videos I’ve shot, keep in mind that I’m still learning and these are just practice ie. ignore all the camera shake, flicker and low quality.

*this probably should read, “can be seen” cause the chances of actually seeing it are quite low as Malabo is one of the cloudiest places in the world and Pico Basile raises almost 10000 ft, and thus usually is covered by multiple cloud layers.


As I was shooting another time-lapse, Lauren came running through the door to get me so we could go out with coworkers for dinner and drinks. We arrived at the dinner and were greeted by a reception line of Nigerians. It turns out the Nigerian Embassy was having their National Day celebration. So we (dressed in cotton dresses and khakis with untucked polos) went to the event (we apparently were actually invited, but forgot/didn’t know they would be standing at the front door). Anyways, that was kind of awkward, but afterwards we had dinner with this guy who went to Duke University and is building solid waste plants around Equatorial Guinea. Apparently, there were none before he arrived and now he is working with the government to put some kind of recycling program in place.

Anyways, we got back well after dark and it turned out I left the light on in the room that the camera was in. So the last 500 pictures my camera took were of a lamp reflecting in the window. Not going  to lie, kind of ruined a beautiful sunset. Oh well, you live and you learn. . .


7 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Trophy Husband

  1. This is really awesome! I love those videos. As I am completely new to this kind of thing but have now decided I would like to try – what sort of soft ware do you use to create the time-lapse? Glad you guys made it and are settling in. Good luck!

    • Most people on the internet say that Photoshop Lightroom is the best for timelapse, but I used Windows Movie Maker (it’s free), I’ve also heard that Quicktime Pro is really good (if you’re using Mac).

  2. Ditto the awesome statement. I love time lapse photography. What camera are you using? Here’s a thought: Monitor the weather online to predict your results and pay attention to the barometric pressure fronts passing over the islands.

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