Is that the ocean?

We ventured out to a public beach this weekend with some friends and finally dipped our toes into the water of the Gulf of Guinea.  The water was so calm that it looked more like a lake than part of an ocean.  Not a single wave rolled in all afternoon.


A golden ceiba tree statue on the way to the beach. It’s the national tree of Equatorial Guinea.

The sand was sort of a dark grey color but turned black when it was wet.  Most of the beaches have volcanic black sand, but there is one beach, Arena Blanca, that is supposed to have white sand.  We can’t wait to explore and see how the beaches change as you drive around the island!


A small island right off of the beach. There’s a pedestrian bridge from a hotel further down the beach, or you can swim out.

The public beach we visited connects to the private beach at the Sofitel Sipopo.  The public beach offers a roped off swimming area, life guards (I think), and a little beach cafe/grill.  There are even a few sun umbrellas and some beach chairs.  The beach was pretty crowded by late afternoon which made for some fun people watching!  No one goes to the beach to lay out in the sun, but instead to play soccer, swim, and socialize with friends and family.


A panoramic view of the beach, click to enlarge

It’s a quick trip to pretty much anywhere on this small island.  That makes exploring so much easier! We can’t wait for our car to arrive so we can see the rest of Bioko.


The very nice, wide open, six lane highway that connects Malabo to Sipopo beach


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