A stroll down the Paseo

On Sunday, we got a chance to take a walk down Malabo’s new boardwalk, called the Paseo.  It’s still under construction, but looks like it has the potential to be a wonderful public space.  Our neighbors, who used to live right off the Paseo before they moved out to where we live now, told us about the great amount of progress that has been made in turning the Paseo into a functional space.  When they showed up in Equatorial Guinea last year, the Paseo was a dirt path along the shore, with huge drainage ditches on either side.  The Paseo is now paved (mostly), has street lights, and a large parade-watching pavilion.  Pretty impressive progress!


The most complete part of the Paseo.  In the background is downtown Malabo, and the base of the volcano rising up behind it.


The impressive retaining wall, and one of our walking companions


Signs of construction. You have to be careful walking around here; often large, deep holes in the ground come with no warnings or barriers.


Beautiful landscaping


The HUGE Equatorial Guinean flag and seal


Our new friend Tucker, a great source of entertainment


Large pavilion for watching parades that take place on the Paseo. The first parade was on October 12 for EG’s Independence Day


Panoramic view of the ocean and the city of Malabo (click to enlarge).  If you look closely, you can see several ships coming into the port.

Very few people are actually using the Paseo in Malabo right now, which makes sense since it’s under construction.  We only saw a few people, mostly expats, out walking and riding bikes when we went.  There is a section with a play ground, exercise equipment, and lots of benches, which looks like it could draw a crowd.  Apparently there’s a Paseo on the mainland, in the coastal city of Bata, which is a large public gathering spot.  I hope Malabo’s Paseo turns out to be the same. It would be great to take a stroll and do a little people watching on sunny afternoons!


One thought on “A stroll down the Paseo

  1. Hi Laufin,

    Not sure if this is the best way to communicate with you, but I’ll just try. We so enjoy your blogs and just wanted you to know. The pictures are great and we are so interested in how your career is progressing.We are concerned about news of the pirates on the west coast. We had heard about the east coast and didn’t think you would have any concerns.

    Your grandmother has had a rough batch of health problems and is doing pretty well now.. She had GYN probs that required extensive surgery, Then a hole in her macula which required a vitrectomy It was a really tough recovery. Then a fall that caused a lot of bruising and another black eye. You have a most courageous grand-mom, really a most . special lady.

    Your dad is working hard and is doing well. I am OK.

    Love, Jack

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