A great food day

One challenge of living on an island is that almost everything,  including food, is imported. We eat pretty much the same three vegetables in rotation for every meal: eggplant,  zucchini,  and green peppers. But today, we hit the food jackpot!

My neighbor called early this morning and started the call by saying, “Sorry to call, but it’s an emergency!”  I braced myself for bad news and then laughed out loud as she exclaimed,  “Muankaban has ASPARAGUS!!”  We jumped in the car right away to go get some. At $10 a pound, we decided to pick up one bundle as a special treat.

On our way home, the shipping clerk from the Embassy called to let me know that our second household effects shipment would be delivered around noon. The shipment full of consumables and lawn games!

So we spent the day unpacking and organizing our pantry.  Then ate a dinner fit for the king of America!


Bursting with deliciousness!


The asparagus was worth every penny! So was the mac n’ cheese.


Belly full of crumbs from the pantry floor.


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