Snorkeling in Sipopo

Last week, our snorkeling gear arrived with our last load of house hold effects.  Cormac suggested we break out our fins and hit the beach to see if there was anything worth seeing.  We woke up this morning to clear, sunny skies– perfect for snorkeling!  So we loaded up the car and made a beeline for Sipopo’s public beach.  We decided to swim out to the island in the bay and snorkel around the rocky base.



There was a fairly strong current pushing us back towards shore, so it took longer than we expected to get out to the island.  Luckily, there was a lot to see along the way!


A school of fish running along the shore


Parrot fish and some coral


Star fish– Cormac spotted two this trip. The black spots were ringed in what looked like red velvet. Really beautiful!


Sample of the coral varieties


Some of the most vibrant coral I’ve ever seen!


Loved the oranges!


Team cleaning this rock


Cotton candy like coral


This little guy was my favorite. They were like little eels vacuuming the rocks, and completely unafraid of us!


A little out of focus– but check out how vibrant the pink is!


Not sure what that sack is, but we saw a couple dozen of them on our trip.


Coconut seedling covered in barnacles.

Bioko might not have the greatest density of coral, but it has some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!  The colors were truly spectacular.  We’re having fun looking through our fish and coral identification books to try to figure out what we saw.  Hopefully we’ll get another swim in soon– we have a few more beaches to explore.  I wish we had thought to pack our snorkeling gear in our air baggage so we didn’t have to wait three months to start exploring!  


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