In between twizzles…

We have been watching a lot of the Winter Olympic Games.  Which, much to Cormac’s dismay, has included a lot of figure skating.  His least favorite event, by far, is ice dancing.  It is a little ridiculous to watch a competition in which the greatest challenge and most discussed element of performance is “twizzling”.  We have been working the verb twizzle into every part of our life.  But here’s a quick update of what we’ve been up to when we’re not engrossed in Olympic twizzles…


Cormac practicing his under water twizzle. He’s planning to represent the USA on the first ever snorkel dance team in the Summer 2016 games. Watch out Rio!


An unimpressed judge


A four star performance


This guy almost bit us for invading his personal space. Who knew the ocean could be so crowded?


High five!


Murphy wanted to give it a try. His short legs really cut down on the torque of his twizzles.


He’s decided to take up international modeling instead.

So basically, we’ve been spending weekends snorkeling at the beach and strolling the Paseo.  It’s really just too hot to do much else.  We went on an overnight beach hiking and camping adventure this weekend.  I’ll post the amazing photos and a less amazing summary of events later in the week.


One thought on “In between twizzles…

  1. Shortly after I read this post I had a conversation with my husband, who was watching the biathlon —

    Him: Now THIS is a REAL sport! THIS is what the Olympics should be about! Skiing like crazy and then shooting, like you’d have to do 200 years ago!

    Me: Not into curling?

    Him: NO!! And not all that snow-boarding! What’s next? Skateboarding?

    Me: So I guess you’re not into the Ice Dancing and the Twizzling either?

    Him: Twizzling??? Like that Smiley Simons was doing??? That’s a sport???

    Me: Who’s Smiley Simons?

    Him: You know! Achey-Breaky’s kid!

    Me: Oh! You mean Miley Cyrus! You mean twerking!

    Him: Yeah! You mean they’re TWERKING in the Olympics????

    Me: NO! They’re not Twerking! They’re Twizzling! It’s in the Ice Dancing!!

    Him: How is that a sport??

    Me: Oh, never mind. Let’s just watch the biathlon….

    Who knows. Maybe in the 2018 Olympics they’ll be Twizzling AND Twerking! On their skateboards!


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