La Gaviota

We are having some of the most beautiful weather here in Malabo.  Some mornings the sunshine is so bright and the skies are so clear that it’s almost blinding.  Mt. Cameroon has made an appearance almost every day of this month.  I told Cormac as we were driving around yesterday, “you forget how beautiful this place is when it’s been cloudy too long!”  There are so many shades of green in the forests and so many pops of color all over the city.

This weekend we tried out a new restaurant (new to us, not the island) called La Gaviota.  It’s located in Sipopo, which is a 20 minute or so drive from Malabo.  La Gaviota is a Brazilian steakhouse where they come around with skewers of meat and carve off a piece of whatever you want.  Not exactly the top pick for vegetarians.  The chef was nice enough to make us a big bowl of spaghetti with the best sauce in E.G.– trust me, we’ve eaten a lot of pasta in this town!


The only picture I managed to snap at the restaurant

The space must double as a reception hall for the Sipopo conference centers.  It was enormous, set for tables of 8, and pretty much empty except for us and one other table of diners.  The place felt a lot like a wedding reception venue and even had two color schemes dividing the room.  We kept trying to decide whether or not orange was the bride or grooms color.  The greatest love songs of the 80’s 90’s and 00’s serenaded us through dinner.

The restaurant is right next door to a plaza and pier/jetty that looks out over the Gulf of Guinea.  It might be one of my new favorite spots.  There were quite a few people just hanging out and enjoying the beautiful views and weather.


There’s a large sculpture in the middle of the plaza. Looks a little bit like a totem poll.


Fantastic mosaics surround the plaza


We debated whether or not those are supposed to be Stars of David.


One of my favorite faces in the wall


The ceiba tree is the national tree and can be found depicted all over the place. It’s really a beautiful tree.


The moon hiding behind clouds over an island in the Sipopo bay.


The view from La Gaviota’s parking lot. I swear the moon has looked full for a whole week.


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