Happy Memorial Day!

We celebrated a day early here in Malabo since most of our friends do not have the day off of work.  We had a bunch of people  over to have a BBQ on “American soil”.  It turned out to be a beautiful day with just enough cloud cover to keep us all from getting scorched.  Even though we have summer weather all year round here in Equatorial Guinea, it was nice to have a kick off to the mental-summer season.  


It wouldn’t be an island BBQ without grilled pineapple


Veggie kebabs for all

There are few opportunities to just “hang out” with friends in Malabo since many people live in temporary or rotater housing and don’t have the capacity to entertain.  We normally meet up with friends at restaurants in the city or at receptions that are connected to work.  It was amazing how normal the afternoon felt, just sitting around doing nothing in particular.  The fact that the party didn’t end with an awkward division of a bill was pretty special, too! I’m definitely feeling motivated to have people over to our house more often.


New and improved badminton game

We’ve had a really busy three day weekend: two dinner parties, a trip to the top of Pico Basile (the volcano in our back yard), the Memorial Day BBQ, and an extra dog in the house.  We submitted our final bid list for our second tour last week, so all of the events were a welcomed distraction from wondering where we’ll be headed in 2016!  I’ll leave the Pico Trip blog to Cormac since he took some fantastic pictures.  Here’s a sneak peak from my point and shoot:


Our caravan slowly snaking up the side of Pico

And lastly, the view from our couch as I wrap up this post:


This chaos lasts for hours before they finally pass out from exhaustion


One thought on “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Puppy playdates are the best! Nothing like having exhausted pooches snoozing on the floor after a great social and physical workout. Walks, no matter how long, just don’t compete.

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