Day Trip to Pico Basile

Editors Note: Cormac like to wait for true inspiration to move him before he posts. That’s why he doesn’t post as often as Lauren. 

Last weekend we took a trip to the top of Pico Basile. It was the first trip I (Cormac) organized as a part of my new job at the embassy. That’s mostly besides the point. There were 19 of us that signed up for the trip, but only 14 went. This is only notable because the guy at the bottom of the hill checking permits thought it was really concerning that soo many people would want to go to the top. In reality, many more people showed interest in going to the top. Many of the locals, and third country national commented that they’ve never been to the top and always wanted to go.



Just before we left the compound.

Starting out our hopes were not high, as it was cloudy and just as we left it started to rain…



About half way up the mountain, we realized that it was going to be a spectacular day! We pulled over to take pictures of the top.

An older Bubi statue near the top of Pico. Last year someone put a glass canopy/case/building-thing around the statue. The wind blew it over, smashed the statue.

An old Bubi statue near the top of Pico. Someone put a glass canopy/case/building-thing around the statue. The wind blew it over, smashed the statue.


I didn’t take any photos of the top, because as you can tell there are a bunch of towers and stuff up there, and technically this is a military installation. But I did take a couple photos of the way up.

The winding road to the top/bottom.

The winding road to the top/bottom (sans photoshop).


The caravan to the top.

The caravan to the top (con photoshop).


Anyways, the trip was alot of fun and it took us less than half the time to go down than up. Yeah, for steep winding roads. Check out the timelapse I took on the way down. WARNING: IT’S MORE THAN A LITTLE NAUSEATING, but you can tell how good the road up Pico is.


9 thoughts on “Day Trip to Pico Basile

  1. I am looking for information on how I could visit the top of Basile. Specifically who would I contact for permits, hopefully to arrange before I arrive, and for transportation. I would like to visit the island for just a couple days

    • Go to the Ministry of Information in the capital and pay 15,000 CFA ($30) for a permit at least one day before you go. If you’re hiring a driver, make sure his name is also on the permit.

      • Thank you for the help
        I assume this is only open weekdays and can’t be achieved prior to arrival.
        Did you go, can you recommend a driver.

      • It’s available on weekdays only.
        I lost the contact info of my driver, which I got from someone at the Ministry of Tourism.
        But expect to pay 50,000 CFA ($100) for the round trip from the capital.

      • Thanks
        That has been very helpful. I am looking at making a trip there in early June. could I rent a car and drive myself? Also do you know if it is true US citizens don’t need a visa?

      • Unfortunately to drive in EG you need an EG issued driver’s license, which takes sometimes weeks to get. So renting a car and driving yourself isn’t a viable options, it wouldn’t be cheaper anyways. And yes it’s true US citizen don’t need a visa.

  2. This is very helpful. I am planning to be back in Cameroon soon and I would really like to visit EG while in the area. Can you recommend any must visit places in the area. I enjoy historical, memorable, and naturally beautiful locations.

  3. Hello Francis,

    would it be possible to cycle on the road ? Is the road paved all the way ?

    regards, Roland

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