If you want good beer…

June is shaping up to be a pretty busy month.  The Embassy is gearing up for the African Union Summit, which will be in Malabo at the end of June, and for our Independence Day celebration the first week of July.  We’re taking advantage of all opportunities to rest, relax, and distract ourselves from the chaos headed our way.

Thursday was a local holiday– President Obiang’s 72nd Birthday.  Most businesses were closed and traffic was supposed to be bad, so we stayed home and brewed some beer.  The local beer market is pretty slim here, and all tastes pretty much the same: light and watery.  When we were home on our first R&R, Cormac picked out a few home brew kits so we could ensure that we had darker, flavorful beers, all tour long.  We finally consumed enough local beers to accumulate enough empty bottles we could refill, so we decided it was time to open up the Bioko Brewery.

Our neighbors offered to come over and help with the first batch.  There was a lot of stirring and direction reading, so we were glad to have an extra set of minds and hands. I had been dreading the smell of beer seeping into every pore of our home, but the odor appears to have dispersed in the four days since brewing commenced.  We’re looking forward to our first batch of home brewed amber ale in early July– just in time for a July 4th pool party, I hope!

Team work, adding and stirring ingredients

Team work, adding and stirring ingredients


Murphy supervising


Looks a little bit chewy to me…



One thought on “If you want good beer…

  1. This brought back a lot of memories for me! My Dad was famous for home brewed beer in our San Mateo, California neighborhood before we moved to Ethiopia in 1957. Apparently decent beer was available in Ethiopia, because I don’t remember any beer being brewed there, but when my parents moved to Saudi Arabia in the early 70’s he brushed up his skills, since alcohol was not available for sale in the Kingdom. My sister and I were in school in the US and we’d fly into Jeddah for holidays to find our bedroom walls lined in boxes full of of home brewed beer We were about 11 hours out of sync with the local time zone, so for the first several nights we’d lie awake trying to sleep, and every once in awhile you’d hear a faint “POP!” followed by a “ssssssssssssss” from one of the boxes as one of the bottles would blow it’s top and the contents of the bottle would fizzle out. The bedroom would always smell just a little bit yeasty.

    Good luck with it! Cheers!

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