A smooth ride

We have officially arrived at our next Foreign Service post of assignment, Belgrade, Serbia!  This move has been like night and day from the transition to life in Malabo back in 2013.  For one, we have an extra member of family with us.  But also, the Serbian culture has a few less shock waves to surf than Malabo did.

We arrived about two weeks ago.  We traveled just over 14 hours door to door– half of what a trip to Malabo would have been!  We were swept off to our new house by our awesome social sponsor, who had set up our kitchen with groceries, our bathrooms with toilet paper, and our wallets with local currency.  We were in business!

Within twenty-four hours of our arrival, our air freight shipment arrived.  We also had functioning cell phones with 3G data plans.  A week after our arrival, we had home internet installed and our shipment of household goods that we packed up in Malabo arrived. Our car still has not arrived, but will be here and ready to roll by the end of August.

Belgrade is proving to be a very easy place to live.  We can walk to five or six grocery stores from our house.  There are multiple taxi companies that we are allowed to use (in some countries, such as Equatorial Guinea, taxis are off limit to those of us working in the US Embassy).  The internet speeds are comparable to the service we had in the US.  There’s an app to help you order take out.  There’s a babysitters club that will help you find qualified child care.  Food is inexpensive and the produce is dreamy.  My coworker brought in a peach to the office that had me drooling at my desk twenty feet away!  So far, there’s a lot to be excited about.  We’ll post some more updates with photos soon.


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